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EXPLORE A NEW WORLD: an in-depth look at A Wrinkle in Time

Come and escape with us....

Escape means to "break free from confinement or control,” allowing us to discover things about ourselves and find out what we're passionate about. That's exactly what the cast of our upcoming show A Wrinkle in Time does every time they come into rehearsal. They escape: they escape to the world of Camazotz and want you to come with them.

14-year-old Meg Murray, played by Kimi Hugli, has trouble fitting in and tends to keep to herself. She feels like her life is falling apart and her only friends consist of her mother and kid brother, Charles Wallace. We asked our cast if they’ve ever felt like an outsider. Most have found that being onstage is more comfortable than being anywhere else. Kimi Hugli comments that, "the stage for me is where I feel the most myself....I feel like I'm more expressive onstage than I am in my real life.” Daniella DeRobbio (Mrs. Whatsit/Red-Eyed Man) piggybacks that by saying, "Almost every stage I've been on, it felt like I belonged there. I always felt like I never fit in anywhere I was, and when I'm on stage I feel like I belong there.” Meg discovers that she can achieve a lot more when she believes in herself and she has the love and support of her new friends and family. Being involved in the world of theatre often creates a family-like atmosphere. Krosby Roza (Calvin) says he loves the communal feel that comes with making a show happen,”My favorite thing about being onstage is being around other people who want to do this thing that I want to do.”

As Act 2 kicks off, Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace find themselves spack-dab in the middle of the chaos that is Camazotz. What seems like a peaceful planet on the surface, soon becomes a rigid, conforming, and dark place. Despite their obvious hesitation, they set out on their main mission; to find Meg and Charles Wallace's father. On their journey, they come face to face with the villains IT and the Red-Eyed Man. Even though Calvin reminds Meg that nothing good ever comes out of someone who is named IT, they keep pressing forward, learning to fight for what's most important. ​

Made up of a wide range of acting knowledge our journey from table read to stage has been a learning experience for all. Director Mike Kordek and Assistant Director Courtney Daniel work to bring out each actor’s strength and distinguish each character’s personality. 8th grader Taran Gabriel (Charles Wallace) last seen in Threshold Rep’s 2013 musical Fiddler on the Roof says being in plays, "sets me apart from all of my other friends because all of them play sports and stuff and I'm the only one that does acting.” First time to Threshold Rep but veteran in the Charleston theatre scene, Chad Estel (Father/Narrator/Camazotz Man) has enjoyed exploring three different characters along with actors Jessica Edwards, Daniella DeRobbio, and Shaffer Ripley. Jessica Edwards comments that, ”It’s fun to find your range and push your limits that way.” ​

The process of putting together a show can be as chaotic as traveling through time and space and our cast and crew definitely know how to unwind. Some of the things they enjoy doing in their spare time include walking the beach, writing, and watching youtube videos. The rehearsal process seems to provide some light-hearted times, ”It's definitely a fun group to be around,” says cast member Shaffer Ripley. "We always seem to find something to laugh about, and we enjoy each other's company.” And when asked what their line of defense would be if they had to fight IT, tacos, a dance party, and sweet white-girl dance moves were among the responses. When it all comes down to it, our cast wants to tell a story. Chad Estel hopes that "People use their imagination and take away that we still have a choice in the world that we live in to do things differently and be who you are and not let anyone try to change the person you are.”

​Come away with us through time and space! A Wrinkle in Time runs October 30th-November 22nd, with Friday & Saturday evening performances at 8pm and Saturday & Sunday matinees at 3pm. Adults $25/Seniors $20/ Students $15

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