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Village Repertory on the Road      in collaboration with      Threshold Repertory Theatre

                    The Thin Place
                                                                        Lucas Hnath


                                                 directed by Keely Enright

                Playing Friday November 3rd through Saturday November 11th, 2023


       featuring Sarah Callahan Black, Lynda Harvey, Tara Holwegner and Paul O'Brien


                                                      All performances at

                                      THRESHOLD REPERTORY THEATRE

                                           84 Society Street Charleston SC

About the Show ----- Everyone who ever died is still here, just in a different part of here. Linda can communicate with them. And if you believe, she can make you hear them, too — in the thin place, the fragile boundary between our world and the other one. With acuity and relentless curiosity, Lucas Hnath’s play transforms the theater into an intimate séance, crafting an unnerving testament to the power of the mind, which has a mind of its own.

The Thin Place lobby monitor graphic.jpg


Youth Classes offered through Charleston Academy of Musical Theatre 


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