Piccolo Festival

Threshold Theatre in partnership with Charleston's Office of Cultural Affairs, is happy to present
"You Might As Well Live"
for the Piccolo Festival in 2022.

You Might As Well Live (poster art).jpg

Black Lives Matter

We stand against racial discrimination in all its forms.


We stand in support of the strong and peaceful movement in protest of police discrimination and brutality against our black brothers and sisters.


We stand with the nation and with the world in horror at the appalling murder of George Floyd.


We stand with heavy hearts in remembrance of the Emanuel Nine and Walter Scott.


We stand with weary shoulders yet growing strength as together we bear the burden of history's bigotry, oppression, segregation, Jim Crow, and slavery.


We stand in respect with the painful knowledge that Charleston was built brick by brick with the hands of slaves, its wealth on the backs of slave labor.


We stand with those who will never forget our past but who believe we can build a better future.


We stand with hope that while racism will always be a part of our past it will not be a part of our future.


We stand in belief that we can build a better and more compassionate world together.


Every human life deserves respect, dignity, and love, and when we all truly believe this, then no one will be forced to insist that their lives matter ever again.



Youth Classes offered through Charleston Academy of Musical Theatre