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Carolyn Heyward wows as Maggie in The Dayporch

Carolyn Heyward is no stranger to performing. Before she came to us at Threshold Rep and Actor's Theatre of South Carolina, she was dabbling in multiple areas including film, modeling and many years of fashion, including six years of runway modeling.

Along the way, Ms. Heyward worked on the CBS TV movie A Special Friendship, starring Levar Burton and Champagne Charlie with Hugh Grant, and is currently a client with Nina Nesbit of Industry Direct Models & Talent.

Beside her performing gifts, Carolyn is a cancer survivor. Three years ago she survived stage four cancer. She says, "Thanks to a miracle of God and the amazing support of my friends and family I got through that difficult period." She is happy to share the list of healing supplements information with anyone. She is also the proud mother of two children, Christen and DeShawn and grandmother of four lovely grandchildren.

Through all of those events, she came out on top and has wowed us all with her great stage presence in The Dayporch. Carolyn says, "I relate to my character Maggie, in The Dayporch in multiple ways. I like best that Maggie is a very strong and compassionate woman. She is a peacemaker and she cares about the well-being of others".

"Carolyn Heyward is a huge blessing on our production at Threshold Rep of The Dayporch," says producer, Chris Weatherhead. "She has a tremendous gift of intuition and natural development of character. Her "Maggie" is marvelous!"

Throughout her life, Carolyn has felt a strong calling to help others in any way that she can, whether it's through her acting, everyday conversations, or other avenues. She loves bringing a character to life onstage. Her portrayal of Maggie is one of grace, wisdom, and a little Southern humor mixed in. Come see!

Thursday @ 7:30pm

Friday @ 7:30pm

Saturday @7:30pm

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