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Myra Jones has been performing from a very young age in theatre, film, and voice-overs. Even though she took time off to raise three children, her family encouraged to get back in the game, and it's been "game on" ever since.

Myra feels very fortunate to join the fabulous ensemble of "The Dayporch", especially when the show has already been performing. She says, "the actors are fabulous in their roles and I want to do my best to compliment them".

Serving as President of the Board of Actor's Theatre of SC, she works closely with directors and producers Clarence Felder and Chris Weatherhead, and has the utmost respect for them. Chris Weatherhead, Actors' Theatre of South Carolina's producing director says, "Myra Jones is one of the most creative, fearless and talented professional actresses we've ever worked with. She is one classy lady on all levels."

Co-Founder, Executive Director, Clarence Felder added, "We've been greatly blessed by Myra for 14 years. She is one of the most versatile and dependable company members. Her advice and wisdom have also been a great treasure as well as her great sense of humor."

Myra hopes brings her own spin to Nurse Melford. She believes "they both have a sense of duty and responsibility, and take pride in their work". On a personal level, family, fulfilling one's duties, and responsibility are very important to Myra. Myra has been blessed with a wonderful husband and three children, all of whom have had a role in the arts in one way or another. Myra loves being in a comedy-thriller, which is a rare genre of theater.

Myra's daughter Chrissy was Rachel McAdam's body-double in The Notebook, her son Richard "Bubba" was on the show Army Wives for 6 seasons, and her youngest Jonathan was a theatre bug until he went off to college at Coastal Carolina University to study Marine Biology. She also has four beautiful grandsons, all from her daughter Chrissy.

Join us this weekend, as we see Myra Jones step into the shoes of Nurse Melford for the final three performances of "The Dayporch"!

Thursday at 7:30pm

Friday at 7:30pm

Saturday at 7:30pm

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