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Susan Lovell: Doting Family Woman & Fierce Performer

Susan Lovell has seen a lot in her lifetime. From growing up in Nashville, performing as a young person, later working in the Charleston Country School District as a guidance counselor, moving 5 times in her first 10 years of marriage, traveling extensively, to performing regularly in the Charleston theatre scene, Susan goes from one adventure to another.

Susan met her love, Charlie Watts, while auditioning for a play. They traveled together, both nationally and internationally. It gave her a new outlook on life, and was able to learn from people in other countries.

Susan and Charlie settled in Charleston as their forever home. Even though Charlie has since passed away, his spirit lives on, and is a driving force in how Susan continues to live her life: fully and openly. Susan recalls writing and performing plays for her family, but did not go fully into it until she was about 40 years old.

Susan spent time as the director of a rural mental health center. Some of her work onstage is inspired by the people of the rural Nashville area and she to came to the conclusion during those years that "socioeconomic level seems to have no influence on the behavior of people".

Since being in Charleston, some of her performances include roles in Harvey, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and her portrayal of Ouiser Boudreaux in Steel Magnolias, which won her a Theatre Charleston award for Best Supporting Actress in 2013.

In regards to her role of Rosie in The Dayporch, Susan feels extremely lucky. "Rosie is the epitome of a person who is 'present'. She looks forward to every new adventure and sees hope in whatever comes next. She has no fear for what comes next and has no regrets for what has already happened" says Susan.

Her hilarious portrayal of Rosie is certainly one of the highlights of the show. She creates a balance of raunchy humor, hilarious actions and heart. Susan recalls that much like her character in the show, while her own husband was fighting his pancreatic cancer battle, she wondered what was next for her once the one she loved had passed on.

Susan's love Charlie continues to encourage and assure her that she had so much more life to live. Susan is a mother, grandmother, performer, and lover of life.

We're so thankful for her, and we encourage all of you to check out The Dayporch's final performances.

The Dayporch

Thursday @ 7:30pm

Friday @ 7:30pm

Saturday @ 7:30pm

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